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Message no. 1
From: Mike Yagupsky <myagup@*******>
Subject: Re: Israelis on the run (was: Source books)
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 19:01:57 +0300 (IDT)
Sometime in the past, lord tallion wrote:
>YES! A fellow Israeli Shadowrunner, mind on sharing the URL (or URL to be)
>with us?
>Also, are you <perhaps> acceping submissions? :)
>-Lord Tallion <Tal Kedem>

Wow! Wow!Wow! Wow!Wow! Wow!Wow! Wow!Wow! Wow!Wow! Wow!Wow! Wow!Wow! Wow!
A fellow Israeli ( I think we got over that..)!

Two questions:
sorry for my ignorance what is URL?

second think: YES! I accept submissions! lots of them!

last thing: where do you live? I personally live in Omer, near Beer-Sheva

Mike Yagupsky
"It's time for the human race to enter the solar system!"
--Dan Quale (probably doing an "I'm a
big idiot thing" act...)

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