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Message no. 1
From: ArkAngel <DUNN@******.BITNET>
Subject: Kage-Car... the eulogy
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1993 22:32:00 EST
Hate ta break it to ya folks, but you're about 6-8 months behind the
times with your SR2 auto news. We attempted to design a car building system on
Kagecar@***** several months back. It died. The truth of the matter is that
RBB Cannot be reverse engineered. That was the first thing we attempted.
WHile I have the results of this attempt, they're pretty meager.
What was also designed was an independent vehicle design system.
Formulas were devised tested, and employed. We figured out ones for economy,
body, size, etc. If people really want to see what we came up with, I can post
the last list that went out. Jason Carter (Nightstalker) if he's still around
would be the best person to talk to about this. However, I don't remember his
e-mail address off the top of my head.
I was involved in some of the early work on Kage-Car, including the
reverse engineering attempts and some of the early formulae. However, by the
time the project had really advanced I know I was in the midst of finals. I
think this was the case for many of the lists contributors. If individuals
wish to come up with something beyond what was already accomplished, I'd
happily recirculate what we have. If Mr. Hayden is still around, his input on
this issue might also be useful. If he's not... Well, frankly, I haven't the
foggiest notion of what the next step would be.
I do know that FASA will NOT release a book of vehicle construction
rules any time in the near future. The people there are not up for the number
crunching involved, plus they fail to see the need for someone designing their
own vehicles out of their garages...

First law of RPG adventure writing:"In any given scenario, there are 4
possible player actions, the three reasonable ones the GM expects, and the one
the players ultimately divise and use."

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