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Message no. 1
From: Doctor Doom <JCH8169@*****.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: Karma awards...and the players who love them.
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 92 03:47:11 CET
[I forgot to say that basically one run lasts roughly
[35 hours
[We play once a week and play for seven hours each session.
[Since we only play in the summer, this means I've only
[been on about 8 runs (two summers of playing).
[Oh, and I really hope your not on here Scott, I might
[feel about this small *gestures with fingers* if my GM
[decided to tell all. Just kidding, can't you take a joke.
[Now HEY put that Vindicator down, I didn't *VRRRRRRRR* mean any
[ -Harlequin <Who was not here/He he he>

>>Heh, heh, heh. We get anywhere from 6 to 11 points of karma normally.
>Mean is somewhere around 8. The last time we got over the top end there, was
>when the entire group entered astral space (via some sort of gateway) and had
>to fight a toxic insect totem in its home environment. Very bad, evil pooky.
>had to bring back the Ghost Dance in order to survive. We lost a year of our
>lives there, and it was very, very nasty. I don't ever want to do that again.
>Then we ended up in Houston and decided that it would be better to just move
>base of operations there rather than go back to Seattle where there was a
>full-scale manhunt for us. Not a boring lifestyle, chummers. Take it from the
>sasquatch. Right Doom?

>>>-- Flare <Nullstamp courtesy of DOOM>

>Dark Thought Publications & Doom Technologies, Inc.
>>>> Working on solutions best left in the dark.

>>>>>[ My esteemed colleage is quite correct. Imagine for a moment, meine
Kamaraden... Toxic Insect spirits...GANZ und GAR SCHRECKLICH. Although I must
conceed the fact that Astral Space--speaking here especially as a decker and
cyber-knight--was QUITE an experience (all of which will, of course, be going
into my memoires). Of course, once we engaged the Toxic Insect Totem in
battle, this were quite a bit more unpleasant.
>And as Flare so eloquently put, not a boring lifestyle...nicht ein
bisschen langweilig.]<<<<<
>>-- Doctor Doom <*:*:*/*-*-*>

Colonel Count von Hohenzollern und von Doom, DMSc, DSc, PhD.

Doom Technologies, Inc. & Dark Thought Publications

>>> Working on solutions best left in the dark.

[ Doctor Doom : jch8169@**** ]
"Attack, attack, and when in doubt, ATTACK!"
-- Frederick II, the Great, King of Prussia

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