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From: Steve Collins <steve_collins@********.ALEWIFE.KODAK.COM>
Subject: Re: Limiting Starting Chara
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 09:06:15 U
Mail*Link® SMTP RE>>Limiting Starting Characters (Sort of)

>Sort of on a related issue, I am about to start a new campaign (*yeah*
>the crowds go wild) which I am GMing (*booo* not so good!) and I was
>wondering how the points system of character generation compares with
>the priorities system. Do people have a preference (silly question
>asking if people have an opinion ;)?
>The only system I have used is the prioroties and I find it a bit to

The point system seems to be pretty much like the priorities system. Every =
combination of priorities can be exactly duplicated unless you take a =
Phys-Ad, they seem to get screwed by 5 points, with no points left over. =
Where the point system excells is that it allows you to take things =
between the Priority steps. This works especially well for resources with =
the addition of a 200,000 option. The Force points could probably have =
been handled better but all mages getting 30 is pretty fair. Where it is =
open to rampant Munchkinism is if you use the Flaws/Edges. Characters can =
get pretty out of hand if they have a disproportionate number of one of =
these. A bunch of Flaws will leave the character with a huge number of =
extra points with which to purchase extra Cash, Atributes, and Skills. A =
lot of edges get's sick because many of them are very powerful. I am =
personally allowing Characters generated with the Point System but the =
edges and flaws have to be cleared with me first


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