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From: XaOs [David Goth] xaos@*****.net
Subject: Local Culture in SR (was RE: New Seattle (Review?))
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 02:08:39 -0600
> Well, in fact, I and Rob Boyle live in Chicago's "Wicker Park".
> (That's "Wicked Park" in SR/ bug city parlance). 10 years ago, this
> neighborhood was nothing but Polish furniture shops, Mexican immigrants,
> white trash, and punk rock junkies (Skinny Puppies "to dark park" is about
> scoring smack in WP)

This brings an interesting topic to mind to me. What other sorts of local
culture have people noticed in SR materials?

My example comes from Harlequin. In it, there is a place (IIRC) called "BK's
Danceteria". In reality, this is a Burger King in Columbia, MO. Also, the
Burger King does indeed have the walls adorned with paintings (prints
actually) of various film celebrities of the past. I didn't check out too
many of the other locales mentioned in the book (during my 2 semester stint
at the University of Missouri - Columbia).

-David Goth-

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