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Message no. 1
From: Hal Mangold <hmangold@*******.AC.RUNET.EDU>
Subject: Lone Star Sourcebook Sighted!
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 11:20:21 -0400
I have actually seen, held, flipped through, and drooled over a copy of
this baby yesterday (tuesday). It looks great! Here are some quick vital
Authors: Nigel Findley (yay!) and Steve Atkins
isbn: 1-55560-230-4 $18.00
135 pages.

- Broad chapter headings:
-Corporate Structure
-Enforcement Arm (includes both paranormal and
matrix ops)
-Corporate Arm (includes notes on the penal system,
rehabilitation techniques, and something called
brainlock. (don't ask, i don't know)
-Operations Procedures (should resolve the
Miranda thread, also a bit on false arrest law
-Intelligence Gathering
-New Equipment
-Game Information

Of the 135 pages, 1-117 is all backgroud material. The
game info sectin is 15 pages, and damned is there isn't
an honest to god *index*. Wow.

This is just a brief skimming of the surface of what this book contains.
All i have to say is I've got my $18 ready. Should be out this week! (at
least here in Southwest Virginia.

'til later,

Savage Henry
Hal Mangold

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