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From: NaCl(aq) jed7466@******
Subject: Lost in the flood ( Was: Re: The Noble Art of having to
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 19:12:14 -0400
Strago wrote:

> <SNIP>

> Right, but then the questions could be posted again now that the furball is
> slowing down. And this time, he'll get the answers.

> <SNIP>

Yes, I do have a sent mail folder. My question was what are the limitations on the
powers of ally spirits? Like, could I make a spirit of the waters into an ally? I
know I can't give them free spirit powers, but are they 'generic' spirits with only
abilities listed in they ally spirit creation section of MITS?

Oh, and sorry for calling some threads irrelevant. I don't read more than the first
few posts of a thread, so get a lot of posts I don't read. Sorry to anyone who was
involved in the on topic threads that I inadvertantly snubbed.

Is dying a free action?
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