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Message no. 1
From: Alfredo B Alves <dghost@****.COM>
Subject: Mafia Wedding Ideas (Was: [SR3] Artwork pisstake from FASA)
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1998 21:26:51 -0500
On Sun, 23 Aug 1998 20:51:07 -0400 Bull <chaos@*****.COM> writes:
<SNIP Jenny 867-5309 story>
>Anyways, that's the story... And we're all nostalgic morons on this
>list... :]
<SNIP Sig>

Aww... ain't that sweet? I bet you cry at Mafia Weddings too ...

Speaking of which, Tinner, I wanted to ask you to put up some background
for Mr. White's wedding to the mob.

Also, here are some more ideas ... I hope they're not too late.

Bride is going to be pure? So what? What about sneaky impregnation
(Artificial) while she's unconcious at her last doctor's visit. (ie, for
surgery, cyber implantation, etc...) During the wedding someone bursts
in saying he's the father of her child. Find some excuse to postpone the
wedding pending investigation into the matter. (I can't see a reason to
do so at the moment though.) Investigation finds that she is both a
virgin (in the clinical sense at least. Perhaps magical investigation
would prove virginity in all senses. [And could also be a method to
prove pregnancy on the spot at the wedding?]) and pregnant. The possible
religous implications could then intefere with the wedding and/or draw
unwanted media attention.

If the bride has a datajack, Yakuza kidnap her (a dificult task to do.)
and slot a bunraku p-fix chip (from Underworld SB) turning her into their
assassin. The chip is burned with the best facsimile of the the
daughters personality the Yaks can manage (since the chip overrides the
"user" and s/he has no memory of the events that transpired while under
the effects of the chip.) so there is a chance that someone will notice
something is up. If not, or if anyone who does notice anything unusual
blows it off ("maybe the brides just nervous."), then during the wedding,
the bride tries to assassinate mommy and/or Mr. White.

A Yakuza/Triad/Seoupla Ring/other mage casts control actions (BBB) or
Possession (Awakenings) on the daughter during the wedding or Influence
(Grimoire) before the Wedding for similar effect as above.

As either of the two ideas above, except Mr. White is used instead of the
bride (in which he might try to assassinate his soon-to-be-mother-in-law
and/or his soon-to-be-bride.)

As any of the three ideas above, except instead of a simple assassination
attempt, the target detonates an amount of plastic explosives on their
person and/or close by. (definately NOT a Yakuza tactic ...)

A shaman summons a nature spirit to use alienation on one or attendees
(ie, the bride or groom or possibly the priest.) before the wedding.

Hope that helps ... If I think of anymore I'll post em. :)

D. Ghost
(aka Pixel, Tantrum, RuPixel)
o/` Trideo killed the Video Star ... o/`

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