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From: shadowrn@*********.com (Gurth)
Subject: Mage Knight (was Re: Minis sunk FASA?)
Date: Sun Jan 28 06:35:26 2001
According to Sebastian Wiers, on Sat, 27 Jan 2001 the word on the street

> AFAIK, Wizkids is finaicially healthy and Mage Knight seems popular. I
> personally hate it because I feal that the concept of a "collectable
> minatures" game is ver dis-empowering to the players. There is very little
> room made to write rules for your own minatures, do your own sculpting /
> conversions, etc.

You won't hear me disagree. I've seen some of the figures (though I haven't
played the game myself yet) and even if I think the idea is fairly good,
since it does away with the paperwork normally associated with wargames,
like you said it limits the game very much to whatever is released by
WizKids, rather than having the option of designing your own -- as in
BattleTech and similar games.

> IMO, Its the closest thing to a computer game there is, without the
> computer. I won't even go into but the ethics of requiring people who want
> a full set of rare minatures to buy tons of randomly assorted packages

That's the thing with all collectible games, of course. There are always
people who'll go for it, though.

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