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Message no. 1
From: Chris Walsh <ChrisWalsh@***.COM>
Subject: Mages: Cyber & bioware
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 16:35:09 -0500
I would like to say that I agree with Robert Watkins assessment of Mages and

My group is generally a medium power level group but I do have 2 munchkins.
And I take great pleasure in foiling what they think are "perfect" plans to
protect themselves.

I do have to say that I use the fact the players have very quick reactions
and pull out people to join the combat AFTER their actions are through and
with little or no pools left. This is a common tactic of mine. It slows
down the combat slightly but make thenm more causious.

Also, I tend to use things like L.T. Bryant mentioned . I have an
organization that is out to kill all metahumans and mages. They employ
ruthenium polymer sealed suits, heavely use cyanide and other custom designed
toxins, and are backed secretly by corps in virtually every major metroplex.
They also employ NO mages within their organization.

I take it as a personal challenge to poke holes in their munchkinized selves.
And it is Fun to !!

I tend to try to keep power levels within MY acceptable range within my
playing campaign. I do run a more magic heavy campaign than normal so I am
starting to test some of the unwritten rules within the magic system in order
to keep the players on their toes and within check. But a full group of
munchkins could , I think, overwhelm a GM with not being able to keep up to
challenges with the group.

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