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Message no. 1
From: silvercat@***********.org (Jonathan Hurley)
Subject: Mageware (was RE: Decking a skillsoft)
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 12:18:07 -0400
Cybereyes aren't the thing I'd put into a mage first; that award goes to ...
Trauma Damper. While it can mess you way up if you get shot (as the team
rigger can attest after taking a number of light and moderate wounds),
anything that reduces the number of successes needed for drain by 2 is just
far too cool. Thankfully for Missions GMs, it's neuroware, and therefore not
available to starting characters.

The one mage I have played didn't have one, though. Didn't occur to me at
the time. What he did have was a revolver enchanted as a Combat spell focus,
and bullets that he'd enchant as rather complicated spell anchors (hence the
need for a revolver, he'd have to touch the bullet before it was fired.
Well, that and the revolver could be made using low-tech techniques, so it
was easier to enchant). He was a combat-oriented sorcery adept. Very vain,
very arrogant. Just about did levitate everywhere.

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