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Message no. 1
From: Neil Smith <NSMITH@***.AC.UK>
Subject: Magic and the Matrix (was Cyber on Magical Types (fwd))
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 1994 10:24:56 GMT
> +8 as an example number, but you can easily see how the
> drastically different world view makes things difficult for mages
> when they are trying to deck. By the way, both of these are
> optional rules, as stated in Virtual Realities, but they are good
> for game-balalnce and even make some modicum of sense.

Isn't there something about using the initiation grade as modifier?
(Perferable, IMHO). But, how do you cope with it the other way
around? One of my group's PCs is an ex-corp military officer with
decking skills that just happens to be a hermetic sorcerer. The
character is definately a decker first; magic is just a side-line.
Does anyone have any suggestions of modifiers to magic to reflect
how it doesn't fit in with the true world view of the Matrix?


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