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Message no. 1
From: Helge Diernaes <ecocide@***.CBS.DK>
Subject: Magi vs Chrome (Re: shadowrun ==> earthdawn)
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 20:10:20 +0100
On Fri, 6 Oct 1995, Gallas William wrote:

> In fact, what you call magic ecalation is just some background. The one that
> explains the world but I don't think it is for the players to deal with.
> You think that the SR world's base is technology but it's the contrary.
> Magic is the world (I think in SR magic is linked to life) and technology is
> what human being brings (in opposition to the immortal elves).

Good perspective, that.
SR magic is linked to life. A magi dips of the mana sphere that surrounds
the world only because of the life on the planet. My trouble is, that
magic is getting increasingly powerful (which Ritual Magic also is), and
if this somehow drowns the SR world in magic jumbo, then why the devil is
not 98% of the SR world magically active? Magic is still for the
exclusive few, and should have a powerful but elusive application. If
this continue, that might for the paranoid few like me come to mean, that
almost all the magically passive might be normal things, whereas the
actives might superthings pr. definition.
In a good meele, a mumbo should still be inferior to a Chrome. This does
not mean that a wolf or a combat oriented mage cannot even out with a
good sammie, only that the average mumbo with other interests besides
combat rationally should avoid meele combat.

Don't misinterpret me, I'm magi myself. I personally could not think of
playing other than shamans or PA's, but as my shaman types are the
subtle, stealthy ones, I know my confusion-/invisibility-/camuflage
spells when I encounter sams.
Ofcourse I can beat him/her, but that will be with subltleness and
brains, not with brawns. Utilising the latter will spell my end :-)

> In my campain, my players don't read the SR books and I think
> it's the better way to really see if magic is too important and it's not.

My gamers read all the books, except the Critters&Contact tables. This
does in my experience reinforce the gamers' visualisation of the SR
world, and also lets them remember the rules so that I can concentrate on
the game plots and the revoling intriques. This is rather helpful, as I
love to let the PC's make their own fate and therefore often finds myself
blindly improvising with my only hold being my "consistent" SRworld.
Works fine for me :-)



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