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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Message no. 1
From: "Robert A. Hayden" <hayden@*******.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU>
Subject: Mailing Lists List (Gaming related)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1993 13:29:40 -0500
Forwarded from GMAST-L

As usual, just as quick note about listservers in general befor I list
the lists.

To subscribe to a list, DON'T send mail to the xxx-l@*** address
mentioned below. Instead, send mail to listserv@*** or listserver@***.
You use the xxx-l address later, when you are subscribed. If you have
never used a listserver before, send a message with subject line and
message body saying just "HELP" (without the quotes) to listserv@***.

The only exception to this would the xy-request@*.y.z addresses. These
are almost always administrative (human) contacts, and as such, can be
used as a point of subscribing.

For example, if you were interested in joining the spj-l list, you
would send mail to listserv@*******, with a message
saying, for example, "SUB spj-l Mr. Bill Clinton" (without the quotes).
You would then be subscribed to the SpellJammer discussion list. If you
were to send mail to the list itself, you would send mail to the
address mentioned below.

But now, the lists proper.

adnd-l@****.bitnet Advanced DnD discussion list
arduin-l@*******.com Arduin discussion list
ars-magica@**** Ars Magica mailing list
ars-magica-request@**** for subscriptions or help
camarilla-l@*******.com Vampire fan club
champ@******* Hero System mailing list
champ-request@******* for subscriptions or help
chess-l@******.bitnet Chess game discussion list
churches-l@*******.com Bishops: The Eternal Crusade
comics-l@*****.bitnet Comics discussion list
consim-l@*******.bitnet Conflict Simulation Games list
cthulhu@** Call of Cthulhu list
cthulhu-request@** for subscriptions (done manually)
dark-sun@** The Dark Sun list
dipl-l@******.bitnet Diplomacy game list
edge@**** Over The Edge stuff
edge-request@**** for subscriptions or help
equest-l@***** Elfquest Comic Book List
experts-l@*******.com The Experts development group
fiction@***** Fiction Writers Workshop
forkni-l@***** Forever Knight TV show list
fkfic-l@***** Forever Knight TV show stories
games-l@*******.bitnet Computer Games discussion list
gg-l@*******.com The Garfield Games mailing list
gmast-l@*****.bitnet Game Masters interest list
gurps-ext@*****.com GURPS discussion list
gurps-announce-ext@*****.com GURPS announcements list
highla-l@***** Highlander list
listserv@***** for subscriptions and help
history@***** History Discussion Forum
horror@******.bitnet Horror Films and Fiction
isaga-l@******.bitnet Int'l Simulation & Gaming discussion list
laird@******.com To be added to a GURPS discussion list
loc-l@*******.com Lords of Conquest development group
mage-l@*******.com Mage: The Ascension list
medfem-l@*******.bitnet Open discussion for Medievalists
mediev-l@******.bitnet Medieval History
merpl@******.bitnet MERP and Rolemaster discussion list
mythus-l@******* Mythus system list
mythus@*** Mythus system list
johnston@*** for subscriptions or help
ods-l@*******.com Optimal Design Systems mailing list
(Battlelords o/t 23rd Century)
oberon@***** Amber list (done manually)
oberon-request@***** for subscriptions or help
palladium@**** For all Palladium games
palladium-request@**** for subscriptions (subj: subscribe)
parson@**** HarnMaster mailing list (done manually)
psi-l@******.bitnet Parapsychology discussion group
rag-l@*******.com Ragnarok Games mailing list
raven+list@****** Ravenloft mailing list
raven+request@****** for subscriptions or help
realms@****.com The Forgotten Realms mailing list
majordomo@****.com for subscriptions or help
realms-digest@****.com The Forgotten Realms weekly digest
majordomo@****.com for subscriptions or help
rivals-l@*******.com The Rivals of Estedhil development group
rolemaster@****** Rolemaster internet mailing list
rtal@***** R.Talsorian games list
archive-server@***** for subscriptions
sca@** SCA discussion list
sca-request@** for subscriptions or help
scahrlds@****.bitnet SCA Heraldry discussion
sflovers@******.bitnet Science fiction discusiion digest
sflovers@***.bitnet alternate address
shadowrn@*****.bitnet Shadowrun RPG list
shadowtk@*****.bitnet Shadowrun Interactive Fiction
shards-l@*****.bitnet Shards role playing game
spj-l@******* Spelljammer discussion list
onestar@*** for help
stargame@*****.bitnet Star Trek RPG list
sz@**** Shatterzone discussions
sz-request@**** for subscriptions or help
talislanta-l@*******.com The Talislanta discussion group
taogm-l@*******.com The Art of Game Mastering development group
tmo-l@*******.com The Military Order development group
tolkien@*****.bitnet Discussion of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien
torg@**** Torg RPG mailing list
torg-request@**** for subscriptions or help
tpo-l@*******.com The Primal Order discussion group
traveller@***** Traveller discussions
traveller-request@***** for subscriptions and help
ufo-l@******.bitnet UFO sightings discussion list
vampire-l@*******.com The White Wolf list for Vampie and Werewolf
vampyres@****.bitnet Vampire lore, history and facts
wfrp@**** Warhammer discussion list
wfrp-request@**** for subscriptions or help
wfrp@**** Warhammer discussion list
wfrp-request@**** for subscriptions or help
wizinfo-l@*******.com Wizards of the Coast announcement list
woofer-l@*******.com Various products by Lisa Stevens

If you know of any more, tell me and I will add them to this list!
Also, please note that I have not tested these lists myself.
Mail me ONLY if you have addenda: I will not answer questions about
these lists, as I have not tried them out.

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