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From: shadowrn@*********.com (Stuart M. Willis)
Subject: Martial Arts Rules.... Best? :)
Date: Thu Dec 20 18:15:01 2001
hi guys,

started playing shadowrun again after a long absence. now that we're
in our 20s (as opposed to being 16) we're even playing properly which
is fun! and the players are happy to be (relatively) underpowered.
its a ganger campaign.

anyway. was wondering what people think are the best rules for melee
combat (esp. martial arts).

that includes the ones published in TSS (issue # is fine - i have
them all), Cannon Companion, the Plastic Warrior Books, and on the
Shadowrun Archive. I'm looking for a balance between realism and
speed. Considering we're playing stock standard 3rd ed rules (with R2
and VR2 - can't afford the $$$ for the 'mild' upgrades) - if they
keep in spirit with the overall shadowrun system taht'd be grand. Mb
in another campaign we'll use another combat system entirely - or
modify the shadowrun one.


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