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From: Wratchet-RN@**
Subject: Martial Arts was Re: GMing SR (Decking, Military Theory)
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 09:21:04 -0700
> Hah... the worst one for this is the various martial arts rules. About
> half of the players I play with have varying levels of expertise in
> varying martial arts, and they ALL want to bring in the specialisation
> rules...
> how do you deal with that?
There are some good martial arts rules on some of the homepages of
listmembers. I cannot remeber which ones, but I think Paolo's site has
something. Because of the sheer volume of styles and style variations that
are possible I would recommend getting one of the house rule systems from a
listmember, and adapting it to what your players wish to do.

In the group I used to run, we would figure out what the concentration of
the martial art was (kicking attack based, throwing attack, throwing
defense, hand defense, et al), and also determine what types of meneuvers
were possible with that style (hand strike, kick strike, jumb kick, throw,
et al.). Then, when the pc used meneuvers and actions that were
concentrated on they would use that skill, for other actions they would use
their general skill. Example: Lady J studies White Crane Kung Fu, this
style focuses on kick attacks, and has some special meneuvers like Flying
Kick, they also like to attack eyes. When Lady J uses kicking or the styles
meneuvers she rolls her 7 skill in White Crane, but when she is attacking
with her hands she rolls her 5 general skill in HTH combat.

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