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Message no. 1
From: Joseph Block <0006316815@*******.COM>
Subject: MCIMail (Was re: Addresses)
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1993 12:16:00 EST
On Wed, 22 Dec 1993, The Deb Decker wrote:
> BTW, I'd b interested in how inconvenient MCIMail is, because I've
> it's 1)$35 a *year* but that 2)you have to be clever enough to
> mail through other nodes to interact mail-wise with the net proper.

MCIMail is easy enough to use. When sending messages to internet,
you have to specify that they are going to an external mail system
and tell it internet, but that is no big deal. I am currently using
a QuickMail QM-Script gateway to interact with MCI, combined with
StarNine's MailLink QM for PowerTalk, allowing me to use System 7.1
Pro on my Duo to send and receive mail. Its actually a lot less
hassle than you might expect from my description.

If you're a student, MCIMail costs $10 a year, +$5 a month for the
first 100 outgoing messages. I suppose you could do all your sending
through Compu$erve or Genie, but I rarely send more than 100 messages
a month, so it isn't worth the hassle to me. Incoming messages are
all free, with no connect time charges, even at 9600 baud. Call
1-800-444-MAIL if you want more details.


PS - No flames for the advert, please - I don't have anything to gain
by this, and enough people bitch every year on the various listservs
about losing their internet access that I think this is more a public
service to let them know about the alternatives.

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