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Message no. 1
From: "P. Steele" <P.C.Steele@*********.AC.UK>
Subject: Med Kits
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1993 00:51:14 BST
Just a point I thought I ought to bring up with the personnel skills debate
just starting. It's to do with med kits.

One of the posts (sorry I can't remember who) mentioned that the poor rigger
had to default and use karma pool and some obscure skill like car to heal a
comrade in arms.

Well my character (Powerhouse) recently paid a decker alot of money (about
50K) to get a biotech 6 chip incorporated into a medkit. So now I have an
effective biotech skill of 6 even though my character knows nothing about the
subject and has no skillwires or datajack to be able to access such chips.

This is one way round the medkit problem. Though I would say it is subject
to GM approval.

The Powerhouse

Phillip Steele |
P.C.Steele@*** |

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