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Message no. 1
From: Adam J adamj@*********
Subject: [META] List stuff (was: Re: Spellcasting Question)
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 14:01:17 -0600
At 15:57 5/15/00 -0400, Marc Renouf wrote:

><donning GridSec hat>
> Well, ya see, it's like this: Sometimes the list server "saves" a
>bundle of messages. These messages get delivered out of order, and
>sometimes weeks after they're sent. Some select recipients receive the
>message originally (I was apparently one of the people to receive yours),
>but not everyone. It's pretty uncommon, but it happens occasionally, and
>even the folks who wrote MailMan can't seem to figure out why. Rest
>assured, however, that in a matter of days or weeks, the list will barf up
>all the "held" copies of messages and you'll get it.
><doffing GridSec hat>

Thankfully, this doesn't happen on a large scale since threw some
money at a new machine for us. Plus we've moved to MailMan and Postfix
instead of MailMan and Sendmail.

All this without wasting our money on a Listserv license. <g>

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