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From: korishinzo@*****.com (Ice Heart)
Subject: Metaplanes (part of: Critter Power Question)
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 12:05:28 -0800 (PST)
> Final question: (This is not related to critters) This is regarding
> the metaplanes, I just want to know, is it possible that a
> metaplane where tech and magic work together (similar to the
> Technowizard in Rifts where guns and stuff can be made magical) and
> are we free to create metaplane realms like that?
> Thanks again
> Dingo

This is my take on what the metaplanes are, vaguely supported by the
way things are represented in Shadowrun (and Earthdawn). The
metaplanes touch all places. Each world has its Astral realm, the
metaphysical echo of its living elemental presence. Each of these
astal realms touches the metaplanes. Insect spirits, Horrors, etc
are actually denizens of other worlds, capable of accessing the
metaplanes. They exit the metaplanes into the astral realms
surrounding other worlds (such as Earth) if those worlds have a high
enough mana level to support them. This is similar to the concept of
extra-planar travel in D&D, or traveling Shadow in Amber. It is
therefore wide open for both abuse and extreme camp. There is
nothing quite as tacky as a bad multiverse game. *shudder*
Shadowrun is not (IMO) the place for such a tacky implementation of

That said, there is no reason you can't have another world like
Earth, where magic and high technology co-exist. But, it won't be a
metaplane. The metaplanes are simply a way to get there. Unless you
have the help of a powerful spirit, you can't take anything physical
through the metaplanes.

A friend of mine has experimented with a Stargate-flavored game where
there are both technological and magical gates between worlds. The
magical gates take one physically up into the metaplanes and back
down to a different world. He started with the SR cosmology. So,
trying to touch the astral while physically travelling between worlds
is certain death. Space is a void. He has space-faring peoples who
have large enough ships to have their own tiny astral realm. Mages
can assense and project inside these ships safely. He has taken to
the extent that inter-ship combat often involves trying to "vent" the
other ship's astral "bubble" to kill magically active and
dual-natured occupants. He has a constant struggle on his hands to
keep the game from drifting into the realm of cheesy. And he ends up
copying the Stargate SG-1 series a lot. Still, it works, to an

--I tend to say, "just play Rifts if you want to play a Rift-style game"

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