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Message no. 1
From: "St. Jean, Ricky" <stjeanr@*******.CANADOREC.ON.CA>
Subject: mike
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 96 12:48:00 EST
>To definitively respond, There is no one from FASA on this list! I have
>spoken with Mike Mulvihill (the SR developer) and he would like to have
>to monitor the list and answer questions, but for the moment he doesn't.
>And he regrets it, but quality product and on-time printing are his
>priorities right now, and he has told me that when they get back up to
>speed, he will probably subscribe. Steve Kenson and I are on the list, but
>we are both freelancers who do a lot of work for FASA, not FASA employees.
>We do, however, maintain regular contact with FASA.

Can you ask him the long awaited answer to the quickening question.

I don't want opinions just a defined answer from FASA.


Munchkin Pres.

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