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From: Role Playing Manager <moria@*****.EERIE.FR>
Subject: Mind Probe ( part xxx : revenge of.. return... wrath...........
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1993 12:59:44 GMT
Thank you for your help Short Fuse:

> Sourcebook, p. 153: Target=4[R], Drain=(F/2+2)D
> Now wait a bloody minute. You're telling me your somebody with the
> willpower 6 can't get 4 successes against the spell's force? (Avg for
> force 3= 4 successes.) It's an opposed success test:net successes= successes
> from spellcaster with a target of the opponents willpower minus successes from
> opponents willpower with a target of the spell's force. So if Johnny
> has Mind Probe at force 4 and a magic pool of 7 (sorcery 6 + power focus 1)
> willpower 6, and Peter Target has a willpower of 6, Johnny would save 2 of his
> pool for drain (so he has enough dice to resist (F/2+2)D and have a chance of
> not taking drain, and roll all of his other 9 against a 4, yeilding 4
> successes, Peter would roll his 6 against a 4, yeilding 3 successes, and
> thus Johnny would have 1 net success, enabling him to read surface thoughts
> only and thus cannot even ask a question, and while he was at it take moderate
> drain. Johnny says the hell with this and makes himself a power focus 6,
> to it, and now has a magic pool of 12. He puts 4 aside for drain and rolls 12
> dice against a 4, giving 6 successes. Peter still rolls his 6 against a 4,
> yeilding 3 successes, and Johnny gets 3 net, enabling him to ask 2
> questions, and still takes light drain. These are VANILLA rules! Also --
> note that it's a TOUCH spell!!
> --Short Fuse
> "RTFM!!!"

It seems that I am in late because the spell you describe seems to be from the
SR2 rules, and the one I use is from SR1 ( I'll buy SR2 this afternoon ),
which is Drain: (F)M1, and you can resist the drain with your willpower and
this is not a touch spell.
Yes it is too powerful.
Also my player has 5 in Willpower, 8 in spellcasting, a power focus 2 and Mind
Probe Strenth 4, and also I think a detection focus 3 but I'm not sure.


Thank you for your cooperation !

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