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Message no. 1
From: Mark A Shieh SHODAN+@***.EDU
Subject: MITS errata? (ATTN: FASA and Steve Kenson)
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 14:31:01 -0400 (EDT)
Could someone forward this to FASA and get this errataed?

My friend just posted his Adept character concept for a high-level
campaign, and was taking Centering for entire skill areas. For example,
he took Centering vs. Melee Combat at grade 2, Centering vs. Ranged
Combat at grade 3, rather than Centering vs. specific skills. (Edged
Weapons and Pistols would be appropriate replacements for the above
example) The text in MITS is not worded very well, to the point where I
think he has a valid reading of the text. It seems like the spirit of
the rules could actually read as skill area, though I don't feel this is
the case. Of course, after discussion, it turns out that 2 of us read
it one way, and 2 of us read it the other way (and 2 or more of us
weren't present :)

Oh, and if someone has an official answer, please respond. If
you're just interpreting the rules yourself, please don't reply.


p.74, MITS

An adept who learns centering begins with the ability to
apply it to Atheltics and Stealth. As the adept continues to initiate,
centering can be applied to other skills. An adept initiate
who learns centering at Grade 1 can learn to apply it to an
additional skill area at Grade 2, another at Grade 3, and so on.
Learning to apply centering to a new skill is the only metamagical
technique the adept may learn for that grade.
The additional skill areas for which adepts may learn centering are:
Build and Repair, Melee Combat, Ranged Combat, Knowledge, Language, Social,
Technical, and Vehicle. Centering may also be applied to Special Skills.
Each skill or area of special skill (like Musical Skills) is considered
a separate technique. Though adepts can learn to apply centering to
Sorcery, they can still only use Sorcery for astral combat.


At Grade 2, he decided to learn to apply his Centering
Skill to Ranged Combat, improving his ability with his trademark bow. Johnny
can now center against penalties applied against his Ranged Combat Skills or
or center to improve the quality of his shots.


The use of skill area in the first paragraph and in the example
implies that you gain access to an entire listed skill area each time
you take this metamagic, while the other two imply that you gain
Centering vs. skills one skill at a time. It would be much more clear
if all three of the underlined areas were changed to either "skill" or
"skill area", and the example was changed to read "Projectile Weapons"
or "Ranged Combat" appropriately.

Oh, and while we're at it: Is there no way for an adept to gain
access to Centering vs. Diving? Instead of starting with access to
Centering vs. Physical skills (which doesn't seem to exist as a skill
area anymore anyway), they start with Centering vs. Athletics and
Stealth with no way to gain access to Centering vs. Physical skills.


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