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From: IAN <JHURLEY1@******.BITNET>
Subject: More about ruthenium on vehicles
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1993 20:49:46 -0400
On a side note, has anyone read _The_Ransom_Of_Black_Stealth_One_?
This is a technothriller whose main bit of tech is an ultralight plane
silimar in concept to the Raven from RBB, except for a few things. One,
its exaust is near ambient temperature. Two, it is constructed entirely
of radar transparent material. Three, it is VSTOL, and four, it has a paint
job that soiunds like it is the same as ruthenium coating. (uses LCD properties
actually.) Can only fool one observer, and only at long range, but is the
perfectly undetectable spy plane. Of course, it is slightly more flimsy than
most aircraft, (to the tune of being destroyed if a jet flies its wing through i
it, while the jet doesn't notice much.)

Nifty idea.

(I don't have the book right with me, but if you are interested in more details
post on this server

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