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Message no. 1
From: Rat winterhawk@*********.net
Subject: More SR tech in the news - credsticks?
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 12:09:41 -0700
(reprinted without permission--are credsticks far behind?)

Please, just beam $3 million to hand-held -- it's for start-up

"PUBLICITY stunts are as old as publicity itself. The first cave
dweller drawing antelopes on the wall understood instinctively
what buzz is all about. But the event taking place Friday morning
at Buck's Restaurant in Woodside, the famed hangout for venture
capitalists, is notable for a new wrinkle on an old theme.

A year-old start-up called Confinity, which is developing
software to allow people to transfer money on mobile devices, is
getting a $3 million first-round of funding from Nokia Ventures
and Deutsche Bank. Here's the stunt: The money is being
beamed to Confinity's CEO, Peter Thiel, via his Palm hand-held computer.

Of course, the Confinity people don't expect customers routinely to
exchange such sums. The idea is that two people going out to lunch,
say, might agree to split the bill by exchanging ``instant money''
from pager or Palm device. One of its investors is Stanford
engineering professor emeritus Martin Hellman. As for the publicity
stunt, a Confinity spokesman pleaded guilty: ``It got your attention,
didn't it?''

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