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Message no. 1
From: "P. Steele" <P.C.Steele@*********.AC.UK>
Subject: Re: Munchkin List
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1993 16:55:35 BST
=== Shadowrun ===

Favorite Archetype:
*Real Men* play Street Sams
*Real Roleplayers* play Hermetic Sorcery Adepts
*Loonies* play Ant Shamans with empty Narcojet guns
*Munchkins* play Decker/Mages with a level 4 power focus and a
Fairlight Excalibur

>>>>>[ We had a shaman with a level 12 power focus. ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse

Favorite Weapon:
*Real Men* use M107 HMG with just enough recoil comp and
smartlink or dual Ares Pred II
*Real Roleplayers* use Ingram Smartguns or Remington
*Loonies* use Squirts loaded with Kool-Aid and have Pez
dispensers for clips
*Munchkins* use modified assault cannons that fire full auto
("This one's specially modified so there is no
recoil. Yeah, the Armorer made the roll")

>>>>>[ Our sam did the same thing with his assault cannon. Till the GM
it up from excessive heat warping the barrel. ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse

Favorite form of protection (Not condoms)
*Real Men* prefer Full Heavy.
*Real Roleplayers* prefer Lined Coats & Secure Jackets.
*Loonies* prefer their Titanium Jock Strap.
*Munchinks* prefer all of the above, at the same time.

>>>>>[ I think the best we came up with was dikoted full body armour,
guards, orthoskin, titanium bone lacing and a force 6 anti bullet barrier all
on the same person. ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse

Favorite Lifestyle
*Real Men* live in a Low Lifestyle Area.
*Real Roleplayers* live in a Mid or Low lifestyle area.
*Loonies* live at the circus.
*Munchkins* live at Fort Knox.

>>>>>[ It's true, our sam bought an old warehouse and had walls reinforced
steel, then concreted again then dikoted. Then he had his personal helicopter,
inside with the roof opening for a getaway. ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse

Favorite Pistol
*Real Men* prefer Ruger's Super Warhawk
*Real Roleplayers* prefer Predator II's
*Loonies* prefer Ares Squirt with paint pellets
*Munchkins* prefer Smartlinked Panther Assault Cannons carried around
like pistols

>>>>>[ Then shoot the first police man who looks sideways at them and take
the helicopter backup before escaping in a tank. ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse

Favorite Centering Skill Language
*Real Men* use Latin
*Real Roleplayers* use Teutonic Runes or Ancient Greek
*Loonies* use Pig Latin
*Munchkins* use an obscure Amerindian language that, although
technically dead, they also get the native language
bonus when generating the character

>>>>>[ We had this one crop up. ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse

Typical Break-In Method:
*Real Men* kill the opposition and take the loot.
*Real Roleplayers* create a two-front diversion and sneak in.
*Loonies* pretend they're pizza delivery and knock on the front door.
*Munchkins* attack from the sky, destroy the facility, take the loot
and about 10 million nuyen worth of other corporate materials,
get their pay, and buy another Battlemech.

>>>>>[ Best thing about this is we've tried all the above. The pizza idea
worked as well. ]<<<<<
-The Powerhouse

Phillip Steele
University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne

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