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Message no. 1
From: "John W. Carter" <scarterjw@****.TRISTATE.EDU>
Subject: My departure from the list
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 19:58:46 -0500
Apparently since my withdrawal request hasn't been processed yet, allow
me to sum up my feelings about the endless displays of futility that permeate
this list.

First: on the grounding through spells thing: I initially decided not to
comment on the whole thing, just to throw it off as "GM fiat". But some
things confused me and other things I just knew were wrong. (And I checked.
I stand corrected: a spell is an entity.) I still feel that way; I just
wished to allow a spin on the topic that wasn't being voiced. And it
erupted in one of my first flame wars. I apologize for all who I have
offended. I still stand by my interpretations on this and all SR rules,
but your world is your world and it's up to you what you allow and what you

Second: By my last entry, I didn't intend to blanket everyone as a
rules lawyer/munchkin who wrote to this list. Just the opposite. I had
hoped to state that I didn't feel everyone on the list were that way, but
those that are ruin the effect for the rest who just want to meet and
discuss SR. That's what did it in for me. It isn't the fault of any one
person or any one post; it was a culmination of just plain ill feelings
that accompanied the postings that I had read. (And yes, I skipped the ones
that didn't concern me)

Finally: This is not a bad list. Were it not for the frustration that I
keep feeling every time I sit through the 10-15 messages I actually read,
I'd stay on longer. My departure is not out of spite, or anger, or even
cowardice. I just can't take the 2-3 posts of lunacy intermixed with the
7-8 actually meaningful posts. (It's hard to tell which ones from the
header alone) I will still play and run SR the way I always have,
probably throwing in a few of my own surprises along the way, but it was
refreshing to get other GM/players' opinions, even if I couldn't stomach a
few of them. :)

Keep on Runnin'

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