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Message no. 1
From: The _Astral _Watch-Dude <elfman@*****.NET>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 17:22:17 -0600
When a phyad gets twelve magic points i give him the choice to become a
physmage.My house rules concerning starting physmages is,your mage-like
abilities depend on how magic you spend on arcane abilities.Here is a
table to show players who think the Gm is cheating him out of powers:
1 m-point spent on arcane powers: Spell casting(force one only), low
level spirit summoning(I base spirits on magic,not charisma)
2 m-points: Free astral perception
3 m-points:Enchanting ability
4 m-points:Ability to control spirits
5 m-points:everything above,plus free astral projecting
(I happen to only spend two m-points on arcane powers, but i get along
just fine with force 2 spells,and force three spirits ;-) )
House rules for Phys-mages and summoning:They can summon spirits with a
force equal to the magic points they allotted towards mage stuff times
three.Anything higher causes physical drain.

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