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Message no. 1
From: "J.D. Falk" <jdfalk@***.GWU.EDU>
Subject: NeGuTTNe (preface, part 1)
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 1994 22:38:30 -0500
"Okay, wake up, already," the street doc implores. Groggily
remembering that you're paying him by the hour, you force yourself into
conciousness and thank him groggily.
"Just don't forget, chummer, you can't jack in for at least
twenty-four hours." Gathering up his kit, he takes a long look out the
window and, not recognising any enemies, lets himself out the fire escape.
Shaking your head at his obvious paranoia -- this _is_ a security
level B building after all -- you close the window and engage the
electro-magnetic bolts, locking it shut.
At least 24 hours, he said. Oh, well -- might as well just go
back to sleep.

(to be continued)

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