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Message no. 1
From: Wiebke & Birger Timm <WiebkeT@********.DE>
Subject: New edition for sourcebooks(was: Re: Shadowrun Reference Standard)
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 22:01:58 +0200
Ojaste,James [NCR] wrote:

> Thus, my suggested changes:
> wak awk Awakenings
> azl azt Aztlan Sourcebook
> bbr bib Blood in the Boardroom
> bot bd Bottled Demon
> clt cdc Celtic Double-cross
> csh cs Corporate Security Handbook
> pir cp Cyberpirates
> cyb ct Cybertechnology
> agl da Dark Angel
> div da Divided Assets
> hnt dh Dragon Hunt
> drm dc Dreamchipper
> efr ef Elven Fire
> eye ew Eye Witness
> hr2 hb Harlequin's Back
> lns ls Lone Star Sourcebook
> nn1 nan1 Native American Nations Volume I
> nn2 nan2 Native American Nations Volume II
> gna ngna Neoanarchist's Guide to North America
> grl ngrl Neoanarchist's Guide to Real Life
> dun dnk Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets
> que qe Queen Euphoria
> rg2 r2 Rigger 2
> ssb sea Seattle Sourcebook
> sbt sb Shadowbeat
> cmp src Shadowrun Companion (Beyond the Shadows)
> sun su Shadows of the Underworld
> tek st Shadowtech
> sps ss Sprawl Sites
> tue st Super Tuesday
> tir tt Tir Tairngire
> uni ub Universal Brotherhood
> vtr vr Virtual Realities

Wow, I didn't know there were THAT many books on shadowrun! A German edition
does exist for only a few of these... :(
Question: Which sourcebooks will be altered now that SR3 is ready? (Because I
wanted to buy the sourcebook which includes voodoun (sp?) (Don't know the
name it has in the English/Am. edition...) but now I think it's better I wait
until I'm sure there won't be a new edition of it just after I buy it...


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