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Message no. 1
From: Justin Pinnow <vanyel@*******.NET>
Subject: New GM seeking more stuff :)
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 1997 01:01:10 -0400
Hello again, folks. :)

I have spent the last couple of weeks digesting all the useful input from
my inquiry about GM advice for a new GM. I greatly appreciate all the
positive and helpful input I received from so many of you. If you haven't
already gotten a thank you from me, well....thank you! :) If you have
already gotten one, you can have another...they're not that expensive to
make. ;)

There are still a few things I could use some input on. One of which is
building a good pool of NPCs. I can see how it could take forever to do
this, and I am not good enough with the entire SR system yet to do them all
on the fly. Thus, I am asking that if any of you have any colorful
contacts/NPCs you like to use or have had fun with in the past, PLEASE send
them to me. I will help immortilize them by giving them life in my
campaign. :) Also, I will be as true as possible to their personalities.
After all, it's the personalities I am really after. If I just wanted
stats, I could photocopy some of the pages from a few books. :)

Another thing I need are some good ideas for businesses/clubs/decker
hangouts/fronts for the black market, etc. I have the Seattle Sourcebook
(my campaign is set in Seattle). However, I would like more input on
styles and flavors (not just stats).

Even though my creative juices are flowing, I am having a hard time coming
up with a slew of NPCs and places to go. I know that I can wing some of
the basic street types that the runners come across, but I will have to
start coming up with a ton of contacts really soon. I am afraid. ;) (I
think my 13+ pages of house rules that I just compiled took a lot outta me.
;) Many of the rules weren't even thought of until I scoured the books
and decided what I just didn't like, etc.)

The other thing I could REALLY use is some input on creating a truly useful
GM screen. I mean, there are a bazillion tables and charts in SR! I just
can't imagine being able to fit them all on anything smaller than the broad
side of a barn. ;) If anyone has any files they can send me, or a URL
that I can check out, that would be great! :)

In fact, that goes for all of it...if you want to spare the list, feel free
to e-mail me suggestions, files, URLs, links, etc. at vanyel@*******.net

Again, I thank you all for your help. :) My only wish is to make this
campaign as interesting for my players as a couple of my past GMs have done
for me. :) It's so hard to find a good GM that is creative and flexible!
I don't want to fall to the wayside as a railroader with cardboard NPCs and
unimaginative runs.


Justin :)

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