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Message no. 1
From: Nexx <nexx@********.NET>
Subject: New Magic and Re: FASA's On/Off Course?
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 20:57:32 -0500
> From: Wafflemeisters <evamarie@**********.net>
> > As for having anything against mundane characters, no, not
really. Its
> > just that for a very long period I wound up being the mage (or, in
> > the priest), so I got my gaming reflexes tuned towards having magic at
> > hand. You read about the burned-out mage in Awakenings? That's me
with a
> > fighter\street meat\etc..
> I can understand that... I can die very well and quickly as a
> "spellcaster" in multiple systems. :)

Yeah, well you don't want to see me try to play a fighter-type... Really
freaks people out when you're response to "What are you doing" is "I
fireball the bastard" when all I've got is a sword...

> I LIKE SR's magic, I just can see there are roles that mundanes
> be able to step into, but there is not gear, rules, or settings for.

Well, I love the magic system. I just see one major inconsistency that I
guess this is the best time to explain.
IMO, Healing spells and Combat spells are actually opposite sides of the
same coin. Both manipulate the aura to produce certain effects. Also,
illusion spells and manipulation spells act very similar, making either
changes on physical reality (physical illusions, damaging manipulations)
or on a persons consciousness (mana illusions, control manipulations).
In the way I've re-structured magic, there are only three categories of
The first is Aural, and it is mainly made up of the current categories of
Healing and Combat. Certain other spells are included. Control Emotions
(since emotional states are shown on the aura, the manipulation of the
aura could conceivably alter the emotional state), Control Animals
(animals, acting on a much more primitive level than humans, manifest
their mental state on their aura), and similar spells where the aura would
logically be involved.
The second is Manipulation, and includes the current categories of
Illusion and Manipulation. Note that the Manipulation spells that are the
Aural group are still in the Manipulation group; though they achieve them
differently, the results is the same.
The final category is made up of Detection spells. These remain the

> > However, how much new stuff gets introduced for mages?
> A lot, IMO, if you consider that almost every adventure and
> has something in it ONLY a mage can do, where as almost nothing has come
> out that ONLY a mundane can do. The SETTING has added a lot for mages
> VS mundanes.

This (and the rest of your points) are true, and something I hadn't
considered. My mistake.

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