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Message no. 1
From: Steadfast laughingman@*******.de
Subject: New Seattle: Lone Star Response Time
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 1999 12:17:03 +0200
The thread covering grenades brought me back to one evening than one of my
ganger group started a drive by shooting against one Night Hunter
splintergroup in Renton. Loads of grenades where used in the first Combat
Round, but than my lads got nearly blasted from that good old bouncing
effect of the blast (often refferes to as "chunky Salsa", "strammer
in german BTW). Well especialy one and if he in the far future hears the
sound of a bouncing grenade somewere he probably runs like hell.
Annyway, my question is wether or not it is an errata that the table shown
on NS, page 111 lists the response time (randomly generated btw;o)) in
Initiative Passes. I made the rolls up Front and after 25 Phases I had 6
Patrols, 2 Citymasters and some Yellowjackets on the Scene. Neadless to say
that the Star did beat the drek out of my gangerfriends. I mean 25 Phases
from the first detonation were in Combat Rounds only 33 seconds with the
first Patrol comming in after 12 seconds.
I know that the foreword was about unrealistic-but-who-cares, but that
system is trully bad for the fast ones, the faster they can act, the faster
the Star will be there to kick there asses. Or any other applicable
Have I read that section right then?

---> Steadfast
The one, the only.
That is, if you do not count the others.

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