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Message no. 1
From: "David M Girardot (Girardot, David)" <GIRARDOT@********>
Subject: News from the Net
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 92 11:38:17 edt
>>>>>>[ Well avast ye lubbers, Blackbeard the Pirate here t' tell ye
about me
friend, Crainius. As folks go, he's whip thin but 'e's got a mind twice as
sharp as you or I. Well, 'e got 'old of a couple 'o gadgets called 'alephs' -
- 'pears ye can make a doppleganger 'o yer mind in one 'o these babies. Well
Crainius 'ires me an a few 'o me friends to get 'im into this military system
(and a 'ard business that was!) 'cause 'e needs the computin' power. Well
the programs 'e gave us got us past the IC (the blackest sort you ever will
see) and we take over the system. Meanwhile Crainius and a few more 'o me
pals are in the compound and settin' up Cranius's gadgets like presents under
a bloody tree. Anyways, the heads and tails 'o it is that Cranius's got
'imself duplicated in each 'o the alephs, and 'e's using the computin' power
'o the installation to coordinate between 'em with 'is real self ridin' the
mainframe. Well I'll tell ye if that wasn't the damndest thing I ever did
see. Purty soon ol' Cranius is winkin' out of every monitor or so me
friend's say ... and all that IC leaps up, but wearin' Cranius's smilin' face
. and 'is voice is echoin' all thru the place... 'ere now, the last thing
we 'eard 'im say was "lookit all the stars, millions of stars" or some rot.
Yah well multitaskin' or not, the Blackbeard knows when tis time ta blow, so
me and my crew, we jacks out. Twas a good thing too for I 'ears that the
basew blew up soon afterwards... Blackbeard out. ]<<<<<<

-=-=- Blackbeard (21:11:33/02-11-53)


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