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Message no. 1
From: John DeLaHunt <JDELAHUNT@******.COLORADO.EDU>
Subject: New shadowbabble list
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 92 21:17:26 CET
Works for me. (SHADOWBABBLE@*****, that is...) The influx of rumors,
contacts, scenarios, etcetera - well, just the expansion of the viewpoint
and mindset of 2053 Seattle et al. (Who the hell is Al, and wot did he et?)
would be very helpful, and fun. I suppose I'll have to bone up on my ruleage,
since Edge was definitely WRONG about the Banshee question. (But then I
only have SRI and Grimoire I, so what more do you want???)

Personally, I'm not so pressed for time that I can't send a little
SUB message to Listserv@***** to get on the ML. What I am pressed for time
about is reading all the posts. Oh, well....

Stiil, my vote is "yes", dichotomize the list.

Rat Rasta ^. .^
John DeLaHunt ==>.<= JDELAHUNT@******.COLORADO.EDU

Also: Ruby, Edge, Ragnofrilbrox, Black Bear

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