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Message no. 1
From: mamos@*****.com (Mike Amos)
Subject: New Sourcebooks - creating towns in shadowrun
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 08:05:24 -0700
This is primarily regarding people that want easy steps for building cities.
One thing you can do is go to the library or bookstore and find a Fodor's
guide or other travel guide. this will lay out landmarks, hotel names, bar
names, and usually a street map. It will even give you a rough population.
Apply a little shadowrun creative thinking and you have a fully developed
city with little or no hassle.
An example:
If for some odd reason you want to go to Des Moines, Iowa (I'm using this
city because there is no source book about it and I know a bit about it).
You could easily get map, it would tell you where the downtown district is,
and the rivers that run through it. you would know there is a huge Glass
dome called the botanical center there that could house some sweet
adventures. you would know the Art and Science centers are off in a secluded
woodline, that have what is now a bike trail that connects to the rest of
the city. You could find out about Saylorville reservoir, the tallest
building downtown, where old schools would be and so on. Beyond that you
don't really need much more info, you have size and shape, anything the book
doesn't tell you about is more or less houses and Macdonald's.
Thus you have an easy shadowrun city.

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