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Message no. 1
From: "Logan Graves <Fenris>" <logan1@*****.INTERCOM.NET>
Subject: New SR Quote Bullets (was: Re: Quality
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 09:17:47 -0500
In our last episode, NightRain wrote:
> Just on this subject, although I don't think the quality has decreased
> to much, the one thing I really dislike is the fact that they have
> killed the old Shadowtalk comments and replaced it with the new
> '> Blah Blah' format. Much more style in the older way of doing
> things.

I believe the changes were done out of practicality, not as a way to
frag with the game-scene (right, Mr. Kenson?). Speaking as a webpage
designer who has over 300 of the little SR-type quotes, they're a
~*pain*~ ! They take extra formatting & the closing quote always wants
to end up on its own line. And then there's the problem of whether or
not to indent them in <blockquotes>. (I solved this by adding blank
space to the start of my transparent gifs). But I digress...

Even 'tho I prefer the look of the >>>>>[older ones]<<<<< ,
the (>)new
bullets are very quick & easy to format documents with -- you just add
a single character to the start of the paragraph & format around it,
without worrying about the hanging indents or length of the post.

<plug type=shameless>
Check out the Big Knobi Klub this weekend for examples of both bullets.
Yea, we're (finally) switching over to the newer ones.

--Fenris (SIN:4413963)
(>) The government says you can't have it
We say you can. We're Ares Arms.
(>) --another Ares ad campaign

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