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Message no. 1
From: K in the Shadows <Ereskanti@***.COM>
Subject: New Stuff on HHH
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 01:35:05 EST
Okay folks, time for yet another big of plugging of the stuff we are working

New Spells (Tune-UP, "Fix" Variations, Radio Sensory Awareness and Radio
New Metamagic Talents (actually, the better defined rules for some)
New Rigger modifications/customizations (sorry Alfredo, haven't gotten the
monster truck up just yet ;)
New Skills (just one or two, not much beyond that)
New Gear (the LuniGLOO(TM)), which I am putting up right now....
HHH Shadownets (Message Board for more immediate feedback that everyone can

I'm still working on the new enchantment ideas that Barbie inspired upon me,
and Mike is really working hard on his expanded power plants and templates
rules for Naval stuff. I'm still working on the same for Space Toys.

-K (who is still using the old address, because occasionally Hometown AOL gets
a burr up it's A$$ and kicks me around)
Message no. 2
From: Airwasp@***.com Airwasp@***.com
Subject: New Stuff on HHH
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 11:12:36 EST

I've put a couple of pages onto HHH, and they contain more generic type
vehicles (more than 30 easily). I split them into two sections, A to M, and N
to Z for faster download speeds.

To get there, go to HHH, from the pull-down menu click on HH Technologies,
then click go to Riggers on the next pull-down, then click on Vehicles at the
following pull-down and once there, find either More Shadowrun Vehicles (A to
M) or More Shadowrun Vehicles (N to Z).


P.S. There should be more stuff going up today also, depending on how long I
can keep this mood going.

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