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Message no. 1
From: Bull <chaos@*****.COM>
Subject: New Stuff other than SR3
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 03:28:06 -0400
Yes, I'm teasing you with the SR3 stuff... Bear with me, it's coming and
will have lots of info... :]

New products for SR (In absolutely no particular order since Mike has no
idea when they will be getting released yet. He hasn;t been paying
attention. But they will mostly be within the next 6-9 months, following

SR3 -- See other upcoming post. <g>

GM Screen -- The GM screen will include a 48 page Booklet list all the
critters, their powers, etc. It will have some illustrations, though not
like the Paranormals Books. This was put in the GM screen to save space in
SR3 (Answers one question, eh? :))

First Run -- This is the starter kit. It explains to both GMs and players
how to play the game, and will include a simple one shot "learn the basic
combat rules" adventure that has something to do with a Stuffer Shack. I
believe they stole that one from somewhere <g>. The second adventure,
"Milk Run", is more detailed, and show the GM how to develop out an
adventure and how to use things like plot hooks to string adventures
together (I believe Mike said something about putting a minor hook into
Stuffer to link it to the Milk Run.

Cannon Companion -- The name is now official. It will have all of the
stuff from FoF and the other sourcebooks that doesn;t go into the core
book, plus some new toys.

Magic In The Shadows -- MITS is the Grimmy/Awakenings compilation converted
for the new SR3 magic rules. Steve Kenson is writing this one. Mike
slipped up a bit and announced that Phys Ads would have a way to buy Phys
Ad Power Points (NOT Magic Points) through Karma, stating that this was in
SR3. He goofed and then realized it was moved to MITS (or was there all
along and he just forgot).

Man and Machine -- This one is scheduled for Summer/Fall next year, and
will combine Shadowtech and Cybertech, as well as possibly modifying or
updating the way Biotechnology works (Mike doesn;t like the fact that
they're essentially cyber without a real penalty for normal characters, and
that they "double screw" mages.

Renraku: Shutdown -- From what I've seen, this looks really fragging
cool. Lots of fun stuff, and only partially what you think. Read
Technoabble and Psychotrope for the backstory to this one.

Corporate Download -- More hard core background and useful shadow info on
the corps, like what they do, how they play with each other (i.e., how does
Saeder Krupp feel about Ares), and how they affect Shadworunners. The
other angle is basically Corporate Shadowrunners, those runners affiliated
with one corp only. What are the bennies to such a deal? And what are the
drawbacks (besides the obvious)?


Target: Europe -- There are bunches of sourcebooks out there written by
the Europeans that are licensed, but considered unofficial material until
it is printed in English. Germany has lots of books (and in the story is
currently working on taking over all of Europe, Mike joked :)), France has
a book, Poland has a book (printed on thick brown paper, sort of like
grocery bag paper, Mike said), etc. So they may work with writers to adapt
*some* of those to english as part of a Target: Europe book.

Target: Pacific Rim -- This one actually sounds like a good bet for
release before too long. It willcover the pacific rim, including Hong Kong
and Japan (I can hear some of you cheering already). There actually is a
Japan Sourcebook done by the Japanese, and they recently gave FASA the go
ahead to use anything they want out of the Japan book.

((Side note 1A: Apparently all Japanese Runners look like Anime
Characters. 1B: There was an old Japanese poster for the Battletech Pods
that was done up in Japan, and the picture was a guy riding a cow.
Apparently whatever slogan they used for it translated into English as
"More fun than riding a cow". :))

Target: Awakened Lands -- This would cover all those fun awakened lands
that we know absolutely dick about: Australia, Amazonia, Tibet, etc.
There is just one problem with this: Those places are all so damned
HUGE!!! So, this one's an iffy one until they figure out how to present it.

((Side note 2A: Early writers were given a LOT of freedom, especially as
far as references went. This is why there are statements like "Tibet has a
magic dome on it" and absoluteluy no other data anywhere. It was never
fleshed out beyond "That would be cool", and there was no long range
planning by the company as a whole for this sort of thing. 2B: Nigel
Findley was apparently notorious for slipping this stuff in, because he
personally had plans to follow it up. Sadly, he never got a chance for
most of it)

Something called Survival of the Fittest was mentioned -- If you knew
more, I'd have to send Spike out to kill you (There was a reason he joined
the military, you know, and it wasn;t to cut off his Mohawk :)).


These were only vaguely mentioned. Jill Lucas announced that FASA Had two
games in the works for, I think, Spring. She refused to give any details,
my guesses follow. And for those of you who know I playtest, no, I have
heard ZERO about these, so... My guesses mean drek :]

The first was a "one shot" game, as she put it, implying something that was
a single game set. My guess is board game or something like a silly beer
and pretzels game designed as a relaxing night off from serious gaming... :]

(Side Note 3A: If you know or ever meet Zach Bush, ask him about 3AM
Trinity games, or Michael Flately: Lord of my Pants)

The next project is going to be a completely new game world, along the
lines of SR or ED. My guess here is a space game. BT is not really a
space game, I'm thinking something more along the lines of Star Wars or
sometrhing, since the most recent "wave" of RPGs weems to be space games.
(Trinity, Alternaty, etc.), or an "old west" game. I hope I'm wrong on
both counts, for various reasons, though if done right any game can be cool.

That's all for this years product info. Stay tuned for more info following
Gen Con.

Hmmm, I'm tired... maybe I should head to bed and work on the SR3 report
tomorrow :]


((Side Note 4A: Larry Elmore signed both Mgkelly's and my SR2 Hardback.
He drew a small self characterization and made them "Before the con" and
"after". I have the After Picture, Larry "The Tired". I feel and
like that now. Side Note 4B: Larry is doing much better since his heart
attack last year on the way to Gen Con, and even joked that he "Died three
times" last year. He seemed amused. I wasn;t sure how to respond. But he
is doing well :))
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Message no. 2
From: "Leszek Karlik, aka Mike" <trrkt@*****.ONET.PL>
Subject: Re: New Stuff other than SR3
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 01:52:15 GMT
On 6 Jul 98 07:28:06 GMT, chaos@*****.COM (Bull) disseminated foul capitalist
propaganda by writing:

>currently working on taking over all of Europe, Mike joked :)), France has
>a book, Poland has a book (printed on thick brown paper, sort of like
>grocery bag paper, Mike said), etc.

POLAND has a book? That's damn news to me. I only know about a history of Poland
in a 'zine that is published by the same company that did Polish version of
(BTW: That article sucks rocks, IMHO, when it comes to consistency with the
"official" FASA material, INCLUDING the SR2 rulebook "And so it came to
section. So, I dissed it quite heavily on the local RPG newsgroup only to have
it explained to me (in private e-mail) by it's writer that it was an ALTERNATE
history. Sheesh. They (that is, the publishers) could mention it someplace, neh?
I thought it was official, kinda like France or Germany books...)

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