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Message no. 1
From: Brett Ryan Brown <calvinoi@*******.SCRI.FSU.EDU>
Subject: New T-shirt Info from FASA
Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 19:06:35 18000
I just got this response back from Mike Mulvill at FASA. I had told him
of our willingness to chip in a little bit extra per person to pay for an
extra "free" t-shirt for him. He would also like to purchase a t-shirt of
his own, and will pay in full for it. Here is the message...

Date: Fri, May 26, 1995 1:59 PM EDT
From: FASA Mike
Subj: Re: (Good) T-Shirt News
To: Hobbisius

You are the best. I am willing to pay for a shirt with my name on it -
Mike Mulvihill - just tell me where I need to send the money. The second
shirt (the "free" one) can just be left blank. Once again, I'm sorry for
this hassle. We are involved in a costly lawsuit right now and our
lawyers are a bit gun shy. We are now asking any using any of our
copyrighted and trademarked stuff to send us a copy so we can keep it on
record. I personally want to thank all the memebers for "chipping in" - I
did not want it to come across as trying to scam something or cause
anyone financial problems. I hope that everyone understands and let them
know I appreciate it.

Mike M.

Boy, what a nice guy! :-)
Well, there ya' go. Let's get this show on the road, chummers.

-Calvinoi MindFlyer

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Message no. 2
From: Gurth <gurth@******.NL>
Subject: Re: New T-shirt Info from FASA
Date: Sat, 27 May 1995 12:00:27 +0200
FASAMike said:
>You are the best. I am willing to pay for a shirt with my name on it -
>Mike Mulvihill - just tell me where I need to send the money. The second
>shirt (the "free" one) can just be left blank.

And Brett added:
>Well, there ya' go. Let's get this show on the road, chummers.

So now I'll say:
This seems to be as good a place as any to list all the people who've
expressed their interests in a t-shirt. So far, if my records are right,
it's 59 people.

At the top of the shirt are going to be the following names:
Fearless Leader: Robert A. Hayden <email address>
Assistant Fearless Leader: Doctor Doom <email address>
Keeper Of The FAQ & NERPS Project Manager: J.D. Falk
ShadowTK Deputy Assistant Manager: Mark Imbriaco
ShadowTK Log Editor: Daniel Waisley

Then follow the names of all who paid for it (so far, nobody as the price
hasn't been set yet, right, Rob?). As always, check if your name is on the
list and/or if it's spelled correctly.

Phil Beazley <beazley@*********>
John "Sgt. Pepper" Bennett <grbennet@*****>
Bracket <h.f.wolverson@***>
Matthias "Thy Sword" Brill <matthias.brill@**********>
Brett Brown "MindFlyer" <calvinoi@*******>
Mike "Buck" Buckalew <buck@******.com>
Gary Carroll <gary@****.com>
Craig S. Dohmen <dohmen@*******>
Todd Dresser "Gray" <tcd@******>
Marcel "Rab" Emani <rab@***>
J.D. Falk <jdfalk@****.com>
Jani "Feanor" Fikouras <feanor@**********>
Robert Frazine <shade@*****.edu>
Jonas Gabrielson <m94jga@*******>
Adam Getchell <acgetchell@*******.edu>
Thomas Gilette <shadowg@******.net>
Jens-Peter Grundmann <jpgrundmann@****>
Gurth <gurth@******.nl>
GUS <sebastien_diot@****>
David Goehrig "Electric Monk" <goehrigd@****>
Philip Hayward <philip.hayward@***.uk>
Thilo Huebner "tr8or" <tr8or@**********>
Matt "Comatose Raspberry" Hufstetler <gt2778a@*****>
Jon Hughes "Sir Gallant the Dragon" <hughesjo@******>
Matt Hughes "The Castaway" <hughesma@******>
Jonathon Hurley "Quicksilver" <jhurley@****>
Mark R. James "Spudbox" <spudbox@*****.com>
Kristi Jenkins "Wildcat" <jenkinkr@******>
Jill <Ghost> Johnson <mnj@******.net>
Mike <Dr. Feelgood> Johnson <mnj@******.net>
Brian D. Jones <bdj@****>
Michael "Harlequin" Knabusch <mknabusch@****>
Paolo Marcucci "The Artificial Kid" <paolo@*******>
Ed Mayall "Brother Equine" <equine@********.net>
Steve Menard "The Wolfbane" <menars@***>
Damion Miliken <adm82@***>
Mike Mulvihill <fasamike@***.com>
David van Nederveen Meerkerk "Quindrael" <d.n.m.vannederveen@***>
Dylan Northrup "Doc-X" <northrup@*****.com>
Fredrik Nyman <fredrik@****.net>
Bob "Topcat" Ooton <topcat@******.net>
Rich "Bitrunner" Osterhout <bitrunner@***.com>
Vincent Pellerin "Vince" <vincent.pellerin@***>
Stephanos Piperoglou <sneakabout@**********>
Pichuleo y Raton <cbotero@*****>
Gregory Reade <greade@****.net>
Brian "Shadowdancer" Riddle <briddle@*****>
Andrew "Riffs" Rivchin <rivchin@****>
Mike Ruane "Mike, TGC" <nethicus@***.com>
Tim Serpas <wretch@**.com>
Susan Sherman "Silverfire" <ssherman@****>
Tim Skirvin <tskirvin@***>
Dave Sobel <dpsobe@**>
Guy Swartwood <gswartwo@*********>
Martin Steffens "Mean Marty" <bdi05626@***>
Stefan Struck <struck@****>
Jason Ustica <usticaj@**>
Phil Ward "Renegade" <pward@**>
Robert "Darkstar" Watkins <bob@**>
Ken Webb <hbphy009@****>

Now, one more thing. There were ideas to put Mike Mulvihill, Tom Dowd,
and/or Nigel Findley's names onto the shirt. I still don't really know where
or how, and I must say that there will be barely room for all the names
listed above (if everyone pays), so I don't know if the FASA peoples' names
will fit (except of course Mike's, as he said he'll pay for a shirt).

Gurth@******.nl - Gurth@***.nl -
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