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Message no. 1
From: Ereskanti <Ereskanti@***.COM>
Subject: New VR Concepts (Re: Mxing OffT with OnT (Re: OT: Less messages?))
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 13:02:50 EST
In a message dated 98-01-25 12:54:07 EST, A.Gardner@******.COM writes:

> On Sun, 25 Jan 1998 03:33:15 EST Ereskanti wrote
> > And wow, AOL -and- Windows on 8MB and no crashes...
> Congratulations, just don't let the world now. They'll want you to
> do the same for them and do you know how you did it ? :)

Actually, I think I do, and now I'm uncertain as to exactly how I want to
continue (have to upgrade to 32MB in 4MB/30 Pins soon...)

> Two ideas.
> Firstly he could have a hook up like my (short-term) otaku character.
> Have the cable connecting him to the matrix pass through a
> cyber-deck. This deck just monitors the line and when it monitors a
> set of commands on the line it starts / stops copying the data coming
> down the line into storage memory. The data can then be downloaded
> from the deck as per normal. It also disguises the char's otaku
> status because he always seems to use a deck when running the 'trix.

We've done that here, but we rule that the "Living Personas" abilities are
limited then by the Cyberdeck's (I/O ratings and the like being the big pain
here). However, running a "slave" isn't so bad an idea, like one of those
"artist extra datajacks" mentioned a while back, and simply doing a "Swap
Memory" or "File Transfer" action of some form.

> Secondly he could program a storage space complex form using the size
> rating for the cyber-deck hardware. Once finished the complex form
> can store data.

This one I think is how we run it most of the time. The fun part here is if
you create things this way, you can "create multiple storage sets", kind of
reminding me of "Partitioning Memory" today.

> The main problem is that IMO the matrix monitors downloads like
> todays software. That means that if the receiving host does not
> transmit data received signals the transmission terminates or repeats
> the missing data. Therefore the otaku either downlaods the stuff
> somehow or else just simulates the data received signals.
> What would be the point of simulating the signals to proceed with a
> download if you couldn't use the data afterwards ?

That is what "Masking" for cyberdecks/personas is good for, hiding your
actions on a sublime scale vs. the active "sneakiness" with Deception and/or

> Apart from that you could try and talk the GM into letting you use
> photographic memory and just review every download as it happens.

GACK!!! Although it makes me come up with LOTS of other possibilities.

Mnemonic Enhancer-
Attribute changes from Cyber/Bio implantware-
SPU (I/O); what exactly DOES it do in the VR2 rules anyway?

And LOTS more...


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