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From: David Buehrer <dbuehrer@******.CARL.ORG>
Subject: Re: Offensive/Defensive Martial Arts
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 08:02:53 -0600
Erik Jameson wrote:
/ At 07:51 PM 8/24/98 EDT, you wrote:
/ >Going onto a slighlty more SR topic, would you guys say that there are
/ >basically three styles of Martial Arts? Offensive, where the martial artist
/ >takes the offensive and get rid of their opponent as fast as possible. A
/ >Defensive style which predicates tiring your opponent and letting them defeat
/ >themselves. And a third, Subdual, in which the objective is stunning or
/ >knocking the target out.
/ >What would be perhaps some of the technical advantages and disadvantages each
/ >style would get, in melee combat?
/ Keeping as close to SR3 canon as possible, I would go with something like
/ getting an extra die added to either your attack or defense.
/ Declare a combat mode or stance at the beginning of the Combat Turn.
/ Offensive fighters get an extra die to all attacks they make, but subtract
/ a die to counters they make. Defensive fighters would do the opposite.
/ And Neutral fighters would duke it out as normal.
/ This prevents things from getting out of hand one way or another, and
/ reflects the attitude behind the fist.
/ Simple, relatively reflective of unarmed combat from at least my own boxing
/ perspective, and is balanced such that it can't get out of hand.
/ At least it's a thought.

I've been doing just that for over a year now in my game, and it works

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