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Message no. 1
From: Dvixen <dvixen@********.COM>
Subject: Re: Off topic discussions... [OT]
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 18:47:35 -0800
> I'm a little confused what constitutes an 'off topic' discussion.
> Little blurbs tacked onto the ends of long messages are a little
> annoying [I think I've done it once or twice]. and I've waded thru my
> For those computer savy, they can filter out OT's when they arrive,

Rambling stuff follows... Please take a moment to read.

1. (I realise this has been pointed out numerous times, both recently,
and in distant past.) Some people simply cannot filter out posts until
they reach their home software. (Explained quite well by Pete/Avenger -
read his post 'OT: Mindless Mail Problems - reply.') The [OT] label does
some no good, even when it is remembered.

2. Think before posting. Ask yourself, how related to Shadowrun is this
post?' or 'Is the rest of the list really interested in my and Bull's
banter?' (sorry Bull, I needed an example. Get back under the stairs! :)
I know I scrap about three times as much as I post, because I end up
having said nothing of decent relation to the topic of the list, or I
find later in my mailbox that it has been said. (And usually more
eloquently. *sigh*.) And I still find myself making what I consider to
be OT posts... Other times I decide to send by personal email instead.

3. Pings and testing messages. Unnecessary. Send to the
listproc@******** with no subject, and in the body, with only
'query', (no qoutes) and this will let you know if the list is running
amok. If you aren't certain your posts are making it to the list, try
sending set shadowrn ack or set shadowrn repro. (Ack will acknowledge
your that your post has been ditributed, and repro will give you your
own posts back when it sends out the message.)

4. If your mail hasn't shown up, haven't received acknowledgement,
etc... be patient. Sometimes a post to/from the list gets slowed down,
as I am finding out today. (I've counted ten posts missing from my
mailbox, I've recieved replies with quotes to messages I haven't seen
yet. I assume they are in transit somewhere between here and mars. They
could be minutes behind, or days.)

5. Send stuff like 'Yeah, got your post' by private email. Sending a
quick message to whoever is doing the test will produce much faster
results, as well as keep spam to a minimum.

6. Trim trim trim. Paraphrase if you want. Indicate you are trimming if
you want, I don't think anyone is going to be all that upset if you snip
out that they wrote it. (Saying someone else wrote/said something when
they didn't however....;)


Dvixen Code-word : Weevil-chuck. dvixen@********.com
"And I thought First Ones were rare." - Ivanova - Babylon 5
I have no sense of decency. That way, all my other senses are enhanced

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