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From: Paul Jonathan Adam <Paul@********.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Off Topic <Gun Law>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 21:17:33 GMT
In message <199504110926.AA27696@***> SHADOWRN@*****
> >Strangely enough, the nations with the lowest violent crime rates are those
> >that *don't* have things like tough gun and drug control laws, don't have
> >restrictions based on age, don't have organizations like ACT campaigning to
> >``protect our children from violence in the media,'' and generally don't
> >allow juveniles to get off scott-free when they do commit a crime.
> The USA has the highest violent crime rate in the world, doesn't it? And
> you're not telling me it has strict gun control laws... I can't say there is
> much violent crime here (comparing again...) but we do have very strict gun
> control laws; drug control is much more slack, and there is absolutely
> nobody wanting to ban anything from tv, I'll give you that...

Classic example - Switzerland, where every adult male is *required* to have
a full-auto assault rifle and ammo, and violent crime is almost nonexistent.

Even in the US, Chicago and New York City have very strict gun laws and very
high crime. Miami has rather looser laws and very high crime. A county in
Georgia went for the Swiss approach and ordered every adult resident to be
armed, and their crime rate plummeted. And the US has a *lot* less burglary
than Britain, because you tend to wait for the house to be empty when the
owner is legally allowed to shoot uninvited guests :-)

Britain has very strict gun law (as a gunowner I know) and a steady increase
in the use of firearms by criminals: seems every tightening of the law results
in more guns on the streets. There's a good explanation for that - but being
off-topic already I'll tell it by e-mail to anyone who wants it before the
carp start to fly here.

When you have shot and killed a man, you have defined your attitude towards
him. You have offered a definite answer to a definite problem. For better or
for worse, you have acted decisively.
In fact, the next move is up to him.

Paul J. Adam paul@********

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