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From: JD <germany@*****************.COM>
Subject: Old Age Runners (Was: Re: Sex & the Single Shadowrunner(thanks))
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 16:34:25 -0600
>I don't know why, but this post suddenly made me *very* old. I'm not
>oldest person on the list, but my time, off and on, goes back to 92 or
>when *I* was in college. Back then, most of the listmembers were in
>college, but I guess with the explosion of the Internet, we've acquired
>lot of high school age members.
>But reading this, I suddenly felt like an old's just so rare
>I deal with anyone under 21 anymore unless they are asking "Can I take
>order please?" that this "sudden" burt of youth on RN makes me feel
>Hey, maybe we should start an old man's club on RN, gotta be at least
25 or
>older. You could put "RN Geriatric Brigade" or something in your .sig
>be allowed one post per thread going on about "back in my day, we
>have the Internet, we had to read RN with smoke signals..."
>Time to get out the walker...
>Erik J.
>Who is 25 going on 76...

I know how you feel. It makes me want to start a thread about... back
in SR1, the rules were.. or back before SR, we had to write our own RPG
using T$R rules as the base.

There are RPG's that I played that no longer exist. (James Bond, Top
Secret) and many games that I haven't played in two (maybe three)
iterations (Traveller -> MegaTraveller ->?).

I feel so old...

Maybe we should start our own rest home.

Jon Doud
(Who played back when there were TWO german states.)

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