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From: Brian W Allison <ballison@*******.WAM.UMD.EDU>
Subject: Opponents of a particular Race (was Re: Racial Modifiers)
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 09:58:07 -0500
On Sun, 24 Nov 1996, Georg Greve wrote:


> Manabolt). In our group we have one player who plays nothing else than
> Elves because he argues: "Why should I play something else ? They
> simply ARE the most powerful race !".

I knew a Wolf Shaman once upon a time.

He spent 18 karma learning the spells:
Spirit Bolt(6) - Exclusive
Slay Elf(6) - Exclusive
Slay Human(6) - Exclusive

when he realized that the first was something he enjoyed (he hated
Insect Spirits after that 2nd Magic Point loss). He learned the second and
third when he realized that most of his opponents who were trying to kill
him turned out to be Elves and Humans. (He was human.)

+2Combat Dice from Wolf, +2 Force by being Exclusive, and he was
Rock-n-Roll'ing! 8S damage, 2S drain, 10 dice to roll - without any Magic
Pool. Yes, times did occur where he used max dice from the MP to augment
the attack - but usually only against Insects.

Of course, when he finally Initiated it didn't help his opponents much -
he started using his shielding dice for shielding all of the time, and
used what was left of his magic pool for shielding. "Why would I use all
of the pool for Shielding when I can use it for the attack?" This guy knew
how to play Wolf.....

And he was Grade 2, with a Magic of 5 the last time he played.

Brian W. Allison

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