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From: NeoJudas neojudas@******************.com
Subject: Orbitally Drifting Topics (Re: Earth to Orbit Weaponry Take 2)
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 20:48:01 -0500
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From: "Ken Peters" <tzeentch666@*********.net>
Subject: Re: Earth to Orbit Weaponry Take 2

> From: NeoJudas <neojudas@******************.com>
> >Ah yes, Image ... a bent view of perception based upon a self-conceived
> >notion to perpetuate a self-induced position or choice of relevance....
> >yeah, neat.
> I never claimed I was not biased (specifically noted it in fact). Deal.

Actually, I wasn't speaking of you .. but you know what they say about
responding due to a guilty conscious... ;-P

> Moved it into an actual higher orbit (MEO, GEO, HEO?) or just a more
> LEO orbit. The world may never know (until YotC maybe). Supposition is the
> name of the game when dealing with space in Shadowrun.

Hmmm ... arguably correct here.

> [EMP]
> >The EMP pulse of even a high yield nuclear bomb that occurred OUTSIDE the
> >atmosphere of the planet would do neglible effects to anything
> Not exactly. A nuke exploded in space would have much more of its energy
> released as EMP. Nuke explosions in LEO were considered one of the major
> events before a full-on nuke strike by the (former) Soviet Union since it
> would shut down a good portion of the hemisphere over which they were
> detonated.
> I'm not sure where you are getting the "negligable" effects from since its
> totally incorrect. Here are some links:

Dated also as the reports are based upon research not inclusive to SatLOS


Same response actually by me. Neat articles though, I give you credit for
that much.


Actually, two of my players in the past have already tried to pass this one
on me with regards to stuff, but additional research with regards to the
Earth EM Field have also noted that unless the explosions are in VERY low
LEO orbit, there isn't nearly as bad a disturbance.

> I'm not talking Hollywierd EMP effects of computers blowing up and radios
> starting on fire but the effects would be substancial - especially in
> Shadowrun. You don't think just because computers in SR use optical
> they have no transister-based components? Yeah right.

I wasn't talking "Hollywood" H/EMP either mind you. I was supposing that
transistor tech, or related technologies involving EM field manipulation
will be necessary for *most* forms of transmittor/receivor technologies. In
this case again, with the inclusion of SatLOS technologies, questions are
raised as to how effective this will all be.

I am thinking of H/EMP effects similar to those that are generated from the
massive, HIDEOUSLY MASSIVE, solar flare activity, such as what we had a
month or so ago. Anything from radio brownouts, to power brown/blackouts,
etc... please note however, that the number of incidents reported as being
related problems to such activity have dropped very significantly due to
other advances in technology today (ionic/dipolar disturbance compensation).

No nuke we have on earth, even if the whole of the world were converted into
a NUKE would generate the kind of disturbances equivalent to even the
smaller solar flare crossovers from the sun. And we've learned to
compensate our technologies now greatly, I really believe that Ares and the
other tech-monkeys' of the SR Universe have taken this a few more steps yet.

> >However, any nearby-proximal satellites to the thing would likely wreak
> >havoc ranging from circuitry burnout (not nice on those remote orbiting
> >maintenance systems) to static build-up along components (a ticking
> >time-bomb for any maintenance robot or astronaut that came along later)
> >just general communication interference (any broadband services, but not
> >direct link stuff like Laser Link... though I think Microwave would be
> >interfered with... can't say more though).
> Well since it would destroy the communications systems it would cause
> significant disruptions. Bye-bye communications constellations. GPS would
> also be scrambled for a time.

Actually, the newer GPS are not effected by that kind of activity, but god
only knows why (actually, I'm sure the people who came up with it do as
well, but I'm not them either ;-). And again, communications
constellations have advanced in their abilities to compensate for that
activity. Anything more than 1000 kilometers from the point of explosive
release is not likely to be effected.

Oh, and one more neat side effect. With the growing "whole" in the
ozone/atmosphere, the ability for the energy to build up and create
disturbances of the kind noted in the research links you gave has been
notably reduced as well (Scientific Weekly IIRC, about 6 months ago).
Again, another indication that the reports aren't entirely up to date.

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