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From: Paul J. Adam Paul@********
Subject: [OT] 8 years? (was Re: [OT] General List Behavior and Attitude towards...
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 01:25:18 +0100
In article <b2c16676.24e2f1f6@***.com>, Twist0059@***.com writes
>He said multil-multi task. We all know the types. Ghoul Satyr Rigger Otaku
>and Samurai/Decker/Rigger/Adepts. Being balanced is fine (a decker should be
>able to handle himself in a fight and a samurai should be able to do things
>other than kill, like negotiate and maybe have electronics training), but
>some vets from SR1 just take it too far out of a power-crazed insanity that I
>know well.

Got such a character myself. Mercenary soldier who is deadly in a fight,
flies/drives well and decks a little (program carriers, which I liked and
kept under house rules so Green systems are manageable but anything
tougher is a no-go area... no cyberdeck, though)

He's retired from playing RPGs and only used on ShadowTK now, though,
and has been for some years...

But I guess there must be a respectable number of characters like that out
there: generated in 1989 and played hard since then.

(as for Quinn, my first and only magician character... Lord only knows
what _she'd_ be like if I had kept track of her stats and not just dusted
off her September '91 sheet for several campaigns that needed a "tough
magical character'. Even back then she was a Level 2 initiate... a cybered
Coyote Shaman who suggested "Ground a spell out through _these_ reflex

Paul J. Adam

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