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From: Tony Rabiola <rabiola@**.NETCOM.COM>
Subject: Re: [OT] FASA and rules revamping (was Re: Tokens and Semantics)
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 13:34:02 -0600
On 03/04/98 19:17:40 you wrote:
>---Bradley Aaron Rebh <brebh@*****.BGSU.EDU> wrote:
>> I know that the rules are against me on this, but who cares. If you
>> change the rules (and FASA is all about this, look at the Matrix rules
>> from the RPG) or adjust them to make the feel of the game or the
>> more elegant than what's the point. CCG's are one of the only areas
>> gaming that rules can be changed or rethough-out pretty easily. My
>> don't limit yourself to the rules, rules are restrictive, inflexible
>> static. Change is good.
>Actually, FASA is very pro-active on changing the rules I've they've
>gone static or stand in the way of game-play and growth.
>You're reference to teh RPG is actually one of the best examples.
>Virtual Reality 2.0 was a huge revamp of the Matirx system. Rigger 2.0
>was a recent facelift to the Rigger/Vehicle/Drone mechanics. Anyone
>involved on ShadowRN or in close contact with Steve Kenson and Mike
>Mulvhill knows that the soon to be unveiled Shadowrun 3rd edition is
>targeting a redefinition of Magic.


>FASA's game development team is very open to comments and issues
>people have with their RPG rules, and I've found Jim and Skuzzy no
>different when it comes to the SRTCG. That's alot of what 2nd Run is
>all about.
>I think we should be glad we're gamers on prodcuts from such a
>receptive company.

I know I am! Our group did some beta testing on SR2, and it is a real treat to have your
comments taken to heart and put into print. I've attended those Q&A sessions at
GenCon and
elsewhere, and even had Tom Dowd to our local con a couple years ago; you could not ask
for a
more personable group of people to work with. I know it makes me a much more happier
customer, and supporter of their products.


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