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From: shadowrn@*********.com (shadowrn@*********.com)
Subject: OT: Fw: [LUGTrek] Another tribute, Star Trek Style.
Date: Sat Sep 15 18:35:01 2001
While this is not on topic, this is being distributed across the net. I
didn't hear about the Candle vigil in time to participate when it began,
however, you gamers on this list should be able to particpate in this.

For those of you who don't know what a Klingon Death Howl is, it is, well, a
houl done by Klingons when a warrior has died, the spiritual purpose being
to let those in Sto Va Kor know that a warrior is coming (Sto Va Kor can
basically be considered to be similar to Valhalla).

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From: Doug Odell
To: LUGTrek@***********.com
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2001 12:49 PM
Subject: [LUGTrek] Another tribute, Star Trek Style.

For all of you on this List, where ever you are, what ever country you are
in, join me in paying homage to those heroes that have fallen in this
attack. Saturday night, at sundown, we are going to have a Klingon Death
Howl to honor those who have died: Those who bravely fought back on the
planes before they crashed, those missing and dead firefighters and police
who were trying to evacuate the WTC before it collapsed, and those in the
Pentagon who perished. I extend this across all state, country, and
religious boundries as a way to honor those who have fallen.

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